Address:New Jersey


Oct 2014 - Present
GAP TIme: Continued Personal and Professional Development
  • Self-Taught Python Development with a focused concentration on Web Applications and Security Tools
    • Android Applications
    • Google Application Engine
  • Continued expertise and expansion of personal blog, that is produced using the Pelican Static Blog Engine

  • Self-Taught Postgresql and continued knowledge procurement

  • Continue to be actively engaged in seeking out challenging, growth producing opportunities that produce concrete and empirical results for potential clients and employers in these challenging times

July 2013 - Oct 2014
Student - Fulltime - Rutgers University - New Brunswick NJ
  • Actively engaged and in pursuit of Bachelors of Science in Labor and Employment Relations.
    • Final GPA: 3.38
Aug 2011 - May 2013
Network Security Engineer Type III - Vonage - Holmdel, NJ.
  • Heads up Voyage’s IMPERVA SecureSphere Web Application Firewall (WAF) solution, an increased deterrent for web based attacks targeting 100s of www servers as well as PCI compliance. Collaboratively troubleshoots WAF, F5 Load Balancers and network problems affecting this topology. Reviews WAF Management console logs for attackers and OWASP Top 10(s) for escalation to block at border routers. Encryption key custodian, curates & imports Secure Sockets Layers Certificates and Keys into WAF. Performs IMPERVA support WAF Management Servers (MX) configuration exports/imports ensuring seamless upgrades. Installs/replaces WAF hardware when required, and submits RMAs. Performs Static Code Analysis (SCA) of source code where commercial SCA offerings are not feasible. Participates regularly in OWASP NYC Chapter events. AppSec 2013 New York City volunteer. Staunch advocate of ”DevOps” culture as defined by John Willis...

  • Mustered 50+ SSL keys to InfoSec team
    • Imported keys into WAF, PCI 2.0 DSS compliance mastered!
    • Ensured no-nonsense key management policy...traffic encryption/decryption to/from WWW servers
  • Vital role in Vonage’s inaugural 2012 Web and Voip centric penetration test
    • Paved way for annual PCI audit—Insecure SIP, Mysql and WWW practices exposed Report of Compliance furnished
  • Shop Remedy guru, closed 48 tickets of which 50%+ were PCI/Expedited status
    • Skills bolstered in under 3 months—Ticket processing times slashed from 4 hours+ to mere minutes
  • Provided invaluable data and insight into streamlining the process of blocking IP addresses to be at the perimeter and the validation and verification of attacking IP(s) prior to putting blocks inplace

  • Clear sense of urgency! Responded to failed Hard Drive unit in IMPERVA WAF Gateway appliance’s RAID logical volume set, drove direct to New York City Colocation 1 week post Hurricane Sandy
    • Identified faulty drive, rebuilt array and stabilized system with minimal downtime.
    • Exposed Field Engineers to enhanced hardware troubleshooting skills in context RAID array disk sets.
  • At forefront of integrating cutting-edge technologies to Vonage’s IT solutions portfolio . . . Issues subject matter expertise feedback on such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) testbed and Palo Alto IPS
    • Provided direct architectural oversight to Vonage AWS pilot program
    • Ensured other corporate IT entities were cognizant and upfront with any security related issues at the phase
  • Masterminded several uniquely tailored corporate presentations on IMPERVA SecureSphere WAF architecture ranging in detail from executive overviews to technical explanations of concepts and theories

  • Expeditiously increased professional knowledge base of port ”Burp Suite” web penetration suite, continues to leverage it not only as a one-to-one use case pen test model but holistically as well–fusion of data and elements from different Static Code Analysis methodologies paints a multi-dimensional holistic picture of Vonage’s Web Applications and the unique environments they reside in

  • Provided invaluable data and insight into streamlining the process of blocking IP addresses to be at the perimeter and the validation and verification of attacking IP(s) prior to putting blocks inplace

January 2010 - June 2011
Student - Fulltime - Rutgers University - New Brunswick NJ
  • Actively engaged and in pursuit of Bachelors of Science in Labor and Employment Relations.
    • Final GPA: 3.38
January 2005 - May 2010
Senior Enterprise Network Security Engineer - Xacta - Shrewsbury, NJ.
  • Tested targets ranging from 2 hosts to Class A networks. Security toolkit includes Nessus, Nmap and in-house software to isolate anomalies and identify false positives; increased accuracy of data analysis

  • Self-taught Nortel, Foundry and ScreenOS guru . . . authored product line audit guides, slashed device analysis times by two days

  • Selected to support on-site client information security security program..conducted threat remediation and mitigation across a wide breadth of platforms enforced security policy

  • Authored and delivered 48+ System Security Authorization Agreements (SSAA) for military services in accordance with DoD standards which ensured continued operation with a robust security posture

  • Invaluable to flagship product development—attention to detail made the impossible possible without sacrificing seeped, identified bugs and interfaced with developers to correct them, 99.9% accuracy
    • Reduced personal network analysis time to just 2-3 days
    • Expedited SSA delivery times by 75%
  • Project lead for first ever corporate state-wide National Institute of Standards and Technology contract; led 3 technicians in ST&E operations—document delivered to client in under 90 days

  • Oversaw management of Cisco security advisories, vulnerabilities and exploits—ensured applicability

November 2003 - December 2004
Chief, Network Management - 27th Communications Squadron, Cannon AFB, NM
  • Managed $16 million network and 22 personnel; reviewed Cisco Secure ACS and Cisco Works 2K logs
    • Ensured optimal configuration management processes—eliminated manual updates for 128+ hosts
  • Oversaw $2.2M 10 Gigabit Ethernet project; designed topology, subnet plan and power requirements
    • Sold plan to senior leadership and saved taxpayer dollars
    • Recouped $340K in trade-in of Cisco gear
    • Redistributed old EIGRP backbone into new OSPF based backbone unaided
    • Immeasurable impact
March 2001 - November 2003
Manager, Tactical Communications Team - 27th Communications Squadron, Cannon AFB, NM
  • Led 25 personnel tasked to sustain $5.25M Rapid Response package; maintained 14 pallets of equipment supporting voice/data/radio communications globally available in under 72 hrs
  • Dispersed data, land mobile and satellite radio systems in response to fatal aircraft crash, provided secure communications to austere site, expedited coordination of aircraft and pilot recovery efforts.
  • Resubnetted Lan that serviced 3 squadrons, resolved address shortage issue in under 12 hours
  • Monitored bandwidth with MRTG/RRD tool,improved bandwidth measurement accuracy by 85%
January 1999 - March 2001
Chief, Network Security - 31st Communications Squadron, Aviano Air Base, Italy.
  • Replaced Netscape proxy server with Squid. Revamped DNS design, replaced obsolete HPUX servers, installed Debian Linux on recycled desktops. Assisted Air Force Information Warfare Center team in devising countermeasures against port scans from former Yugoslavia

Community Service

Aug 2010 - Oct 2014

  • New Labor.
    • Equipo de la calle, New Brunswick
    • Participated in Immigration Reform Rally, Liberty State Park NJ, April 2013
    • Carried out lengthy door-to-door qualitative research in downtown New Brunswick NJ involving local residence labor issues and problems
    • International Domestic workers day marcha, Lakewood NJ, March 2013
    • Attended, documented and actively engaged at the New Labor - Agency/Warehouse Statewide Conference 2011
    • Assisted with the physical relocation of the Lakewood office to it's new location in town.
    • Donated 5 computers to the ogranization and configured them for inclusion on the organizational network
    • Provides technical consultatory services probono in areas such as information and operational security
    • Acting bar tender at the New Labor Gala annual fund raising event, Rutgers University, Labor Education Center, New Brunswick NJ
  • Exit 8a.

  • "Justice For New Jersey"
    • Rolled-out and deployed cyber based human rights based petitions via Avaaz


2010-2014:Rutgers, School of Management and Labor Relations, New Brunswick, NJ BS, Labor and Employment Relations.
2000-2004:Community College of the Air Force, Maxwell Air Force Base, AL AS, Information Systems Technology


2012-Current:SANS Institute Medford, MA GIAC Web Application Penetration Tester(GWAPT), License 3685

Security Clearance

1983-2007:Top Secret - SBI - SCI Eligible

Technical skills

Hardware:Cisco: Routers: 25XX/26XX/7206/7507. Switches: 35XX/37XX/45XX/65XX. Netgear: Switches: GSM7324 & 7212. Server/PC: AMD/Intel/Mac/Dec Alpha/Sun. Security Appliances: Astaro (Var. Models) IMPERVA SecureSphere Var. Appliance Models
Operating Systems:
 BeOS/Haiku, BSD (FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD/PCBSD), Linux (Arch/CentOS/Debian/Gentoo/Mandrake/Mint/RedHat/Slackware/Ubuntu/BackTrack/SamuraiWTF), Mac OS X, Microsoft Window (95/98/NT/2000/XP), and Sun Solaris (i386/Sparc).
OpenSource:Apache, Apsfilter, Application Security Inc. AppDetective, Awk, Brew, Burpsuite, CiscoWorks2000, CORE Impact, Content Management Systems (Drupal, PHPNuke, PostNuke and Slashcode), CUPS, Cut, Darwin ports, DHCP, DNS, Dsniff, Dynamips, Ettercap, Fink, FreeRadius, GCC, Ghostscript, Gnome, GNS3, Grep, Ettercap, Harris Stat, HP OpenView, Hping, IIS, ISS, KDE, Kismac, Kismet, LaTeX, LRPD, Magicfilter, Metasploit, Microsoft Visio, MRTG, Mutt, MySql, Nessus, naxsi, nginx, ngrep, Nipper, Nmap, OpenRadius, OpenVPN, Postfix, Postgresql, QIP, RedSeal, RRD Tool, Scapy, Scrapy, Sendmail, Skipfish, Snort, SolarWinds, Sqlmap, Squid, SSH/OpenSSH, tcpdump, Tomcat, Vi/Vim, VMWare Workstation/Server/Fusion, Qemu/KVM, w3af, wapiti, WireShark, and Zaproxy.
Firewall:Juniper ScreenOS, FreeBSD, IPFW, IMPERVA SecureSphere (impcfg/impctl/MX Console GUI), OpenBSD PF, Sidewinder, Cisco Content Based Access Control & PIX. VPN: OpenVPN, OpenBSD IPSEC, Cisco IPSEC/GRE
DataBase:SQL, MySQL, sqlite, and Postgresql.


English:Mother Tongue
Italian:Near Fluency

Honors and Awards

24 Nov 2002 - 1 Jun 2003
Meritorious Service Medal
15 Mar 1997 - 1 Mar 2001
Air Force Commendation
24 Mar 1999 - 20 Jun 1999
Air Force Achievement Medal
28 Oct 1994 - 16 Feb 1997
Air Force Commendation Medal
22 July 1995 - 30 Nov 1995
Joint Service Achievement Medal
24 April 1991 - 1 Oct 1994
Air Force Achievement Medal