Cruise For Boobs 2015

front cruise

So Thats a Tripp will be doing it's Annual "Cruise for Boobs" 2015, and the mission is to skate, ride, walk and do wtf it takes to get from Boston Ma, to Portland Me. The actual skating or travel if you will will begin on 24 Oct and finish on 25 Oct. I have been training like a man possessed and obsessed to get this dialed in, by trying to get 10 miles plus skated almost every day. If you read our post about skating across Staten Island then you know that I bonked pretty hard due to lack of hydration and the heat. I am trying to be much more proactive and prepared this time around.

Below details the Training I have been documenting via Runkeeper

Note: There is a party on the 22nd of Oct, check the Page for more information. BTW if any one from MA or ME can give up some logistical support and further insight into the most optimal route with the least drama it would be very helpful.