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To piggy back off of my last post regarding this topic, I wanted to let you know my dear readers about a fantastic website DataBreaches Dot Net, written by "The Office of InAdequate Security... Your Info... Their screw-ups*". Brilliant.

These are some sobering and very laudably put together stats and reports regarding 2015 Data Breaches by the numbers put out by the Identity Theft Resource Center, and someone whom is of great import regarding this topic and that I have a lot of respect for is their CEO Ms. Eva Casey Velasquez

  • Identity Theft Center -- Data Breaches 2015 reports series -- Best thing I found so far and ID Theft Center hits the ball out of the park on this one, so they deserve much kudos for their work! These reports go from very granular, to mid level, to executive summaries. Pick the flavor for your choice and audience for educating the masses. Again I cannot say enough. BTW All of these reports were finalized since 29 December 2015.