Metal slugs of evil malevonance ripped and shredded my soul
Aeons ago, millions of lightyears and lifetimes ago
The fire inside had dwindled at times down to the smallest coal
But this world never killed the flame inside and I will never stop continuing to grow
This world... it tries so hard to make me pliable, to keep me docile, to play my programmed role
Make me look away from all the suffering you caused and the lives you stole
Living in a world where humanity has fetished the profits, the suffering, the callousness of others just to be entertained, satiated and distracted
Just have abject apathy for the finite offerings of the cosmos and this planet has to bring, you gorge and gorge, now we pay the karmic price that cannot be redacted
In the grand narrative, in the finality of it all, there is no semioitc analysis
Just the final transition
Within that one imperceptible moment, like a deer in the headlight, feet in concrete, emotional paralysis
How do you come to understand that life and death must be balanced out as ONE, ask yourself until exhaustion what is your intution?