Addicted To War

But what can I do?
Where ever I look what I once thought was rock solid is untrue
I'm alone, at times so fierce while simultaneously being a so fearful
Awash in waves of overwhelming lament trying to make it safely to land
Living in a maligant land like the Lakota people beyond tearful
But you keep on keeping on American Zombies, to hell you go being led by the hand
So paralyzed physically with fear, yet the mind stills itself with the committment to focus
Settling in, I gotta find my karmic locus
Staring and breathing or am I just dis-associating
There is literally no more time left, Its time to have a relationship with myself
Because it's so hard to get out the trap that it's fetid breath, is sickening, nauseating
Teetering like a million dollar vase in an air raid, on a shelf
We see right through it
Why did you do it?
Did you expect the whole country to chew on it?
Betrayal on a scale that's too hard for most to comprehend
To see the lies would kill them
But on a cold december's day in Arlington cemetary where those you sacrificed for profit, their honor like steel... it does not bend...but for the loss... the loss... we will never mend
23 a day, is this our new National service emblem?
Time to know myself and move on
If not why fuck would it matter if I am dead and gone
I live in this finite moment, not moving so forward into the future, and being destroyed daily by the past
If humanity does not wake up, it will soon be over said and done
This can't be for real
I wish I could wake up from this tragic nightmare
I cannot do anything, but stand and fight, with a mind like an ox, and a heart made of steel
Because it's fucking killing me to care
You became the pimp
We were your whore
Addicted to War